Maintain Quickbooks


Setting up a good Quickbooks file can tell you so much about your business. We can generate reports to tell you simple things to the most complicated.
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Accounts Payable


Paying your vendors in a timely manner leads to good business relationships, as well as accurate financial reports. We can set goals and help you to achieve them.
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Accounts Receivable


This is the most important aspect of your company and can also be the most challenging. Let Bookkeeping Unlimited simplify this crucial element.
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Paying your employees is normally the most expensive part of any business. It’s not just writing a check – we can ensure Federal and State requirements are met.
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What People Think About Us

“We have worked with Tracy for over three years. She has the rare combination of being both meticulous and efficient. She has also proven to be very trustworthy with our bookkeeping. She is an asset to our firm.”
~ Ed Sullivan, Oberti Sullivan LLP

“Tracy and I have partnered up for the past year and it has been a blessing. Our mutual clients are extremely satisfied and I am always on the lookout for more qualified clients for her. Trusting Bookkeeping Unlimited with your business will be the best decision you can make. Tracy has been a huge asset to my business and I am excited to continue our partnership.”
~ Doug Neuendorf, Paychex

“Our nationally renowned law firm would not be where we are today without Tracy DeFatta and Bookkeeping Unlimited. Her superior bookkeeping talents have kept us running smoothly for a decade. I recommend her to any business who is looking to exponentially increase their efficacy by unburdening themselves from the worries and hassles of bookkeeping.”
~ Brian Beckcom, Founding Partner VB Attorneys

“Tracy DeFatta and Bookkeeping Unlimited have handled my bookkeeping needs for over 14 years. They have been there for me all along the way through various businesses – from my law practice, to my family oriented entertainment company, to my current The Pikoff Team at Keller Williams Realty. Tracy and her staff have always been proactive with their technology and their work product; for example using LogMeIn to assist her in balancing my QuickBooks file in my office computer. She also utilizes scanning of receipts and other banking documents so as to stay 100% current on my financial status.

Tracy is always on top of deadlines for any required projects, but especially for all of the various required tax filings for my companies.

I would highly recommend Tracy and her company to anyone who needs not only a bookkeeper, but a trusted financial partner!”
~ Andrew Pikoff, J.D., The Pikoff Team

“Why I have continued to trust with intimate business details and work with Tracy DeFatta , Bookkeeping Unlimited, now going on 7 years…

…she is consistent with her work production.

…she maintains her schedule regularly and has been flexible when I have needed to re-schedule.

…she is straight and to the point and doesn’t waste time.

…when she has made an error, she is prompt to admit, explain and correct.

…she will take the time to listen and make suggestions beyond the typical scope of the engagement.”
~ Walter Katz, The K Corporation

“Bookkeeping Unlimited has handled the books for my business for more than a decade. I rely on them for their attention to detail and quick turnaround. I really appreciate that this group is able to work with ANYONE I have asked them to, even in the most difficult of situations. I’ve been through more than my share of CPA’s but I would never change my bookkeeper. Tracy especially has always been available to answer questions and give me ‘mini tutorials’ to help me better understand my business financials. Bookkeeping Unlimited is ‘big city smart’ and ‘small town friendly.’ They have been such an asset to my small business.”
~ Lizzie Oretsky, Fundamentally Music, Inc.