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Our team-based approach to virtual bookkeeping has helped hundreds of small businesses in Houston and across the country. We provide digital solutions that give business owners complete control over their finances.

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Our mission at Bookkeeping Unlimited is to help small businesses succeed using our cutting-edge, virtual bookkeeping solutions and small business executive coaching program. We provide our clients with unmatched customer service, unparalleled bookkeeping experience, and unlimited business insights proven to turbocharge their success.

Bookkeeping Unlimited is a woman-owned and operated business that was founded in 2000 by Tracy DeFatta. We are located in Houston, Texas, and provide specialized bookkeeping services to small businesses across the region, state, & country.

We provide 100% digital bookkeeping solutions that are customized for your company’s specific needs. Our Houston-based team gets your bookkeeping done on time, every time. We also provide monthly coaching programs for small business owners.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards. One of the most common reasons clients stay with us for over two decades is that they trust us. It can be difficult for a company founder and entrepreneur to let go of a piece of their business, but when they make that decision and trust us with their bookkeeping, they gain greater clarity and insights than they had previously experienced. 

We serve clients throughout the United States. With our remote login capabilities, we offer a truly digital bookkeeping solution for your small business. We put your financials at your fingertips. In addition to being completely virtual and digital, our bookkeeping system is designed to be 100% transparent and accessible by you, wherever you are located. 

In addition to gaining complete access to your financials, Tracy dedicates time to educating you so you develop a better understanding of what your numbers are telling you.

Also, in your quarterly and annual reviews, Tracy sits down and reviews your financial reports with you so you can make data-driven decisions that help your company grow and succeed. 

Other bookkeeping companies and bookkeeping solutions are limited by outdated, old-fashioned, analog ideas about bookkeeping. We have broken free from those limits to provide our clients with a new vision. A vision that redefines virtual bookkeeping for the future.

Our team of bookkeepers are experienced, trained and certified in a multitude of software platforms for payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and more. With our team, you get the same level of customer service and bookkeeping experience that typically only Fortune 500 companies can afford. 

In order to provide our clients with the latest in cutting-edge technology, we stay informed of the latest developments in the bookkeeping and accounting industry and test all new tools and software. 

We also factor in cost, benefits, and compatibility when advising you on the best bookkeeping and accounting tools to use in your business. Every business and budget is unique, so some tools may be better suited to meet your needs than others. 

Our solutions save our clients on average over 10 hours a week and more than $10,000 each month. Instead of spending your valuable time on bookkeeping or paying someone more than $40,000 per year to do your books in-house, you get to save that time and money. You get bookkeeping that works for you.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping not only saves you time and money, it is a sound option if you’ve been the victim of embezzlement or fraud by an employee. 80% of embezzlements happen at small businesses. Typically, small businesses are targeted because they lack the internal controls and processes to catch theft. 

At Bookkeeping Unlimited, we set up the internal controls and processes your business needs to prevent theft from occurring when we set up your bookkeeping system. In addition, our team has been thoroughly vetted to ensure the safety of your assets and we have our own internal anti-theft controls and processes in place. If you’ve been the victim of embezzlement, we can help you get back on track. We conduct any necessary forensic bookkeeping to prosecute your embezzler and also work with the IRS to make things right. 

Current clients include law firms, interior design firms, realtors, doctor’s offices, photographers, fitness centers, non-profit organizations, counseling centers, pharmacies, financial planners, and other businesses. Because our job is to ensure the financial health and success of your company, we have the skills and abilities required to adapt to meet your needs.


Case Studies

Bookkeeping is crucial to every business. We’re sharing some of our notable case studies to highlight the ways in which we help small businesses succeed with our outsourced bookkeeping solutions.
Houston Law Firm

A Houston-based law firm hired us because he and his law partner were spending so much time on administrative tasks that they couldn’t get the legal work done. After hiring us to do their bookkeeping for them, they reported saving more than 10 hours a week. They have been our clients for more than 20 years.

Interior Design Company

An interior designer hired us to handle their bookkeeping more than eight years ago. They chose to hire someone to do their bookkeeping in-house. The in-house bookkeeper stole from them and messed up all of their financials. The interior designer came back to us. We fixed their books, created internal controls and processes to prevent any future theft, and worked with the IRS to get everything fixed.

A California Company

A California company hired us after trying another virtual bookkeeping company. They got a new bookkeeper every week using this virtual bookkeeping company. The new bookkeeper took up hours of this company’s time every week asking questions about billing codes and more. The California company wound up doing all of the work themselves that they were paying this virtual bookkeeping company to do. They turned to us for help because they couldn’t get any real work done. We revamped their bookkeeping system and take care of all of their bookkeeping needs every week, on time, and accurately.

TWC Audit Case

A Houston-based company faced a TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) audit. We helped them make sure they had all the necessary documentation in addition to sitting in on the audit with them. With our help, they resolved their issues and are once more in compliance with the TWC.

Business Coaching Case

When a company hired us to help them with their bookkeeping, we took them from analog processes and manual inputs for their accounts receivable and payable to a completely digital system they can access from anywhere in the world. We determined which tools they needed that fit their budget, ensured the tools integrated with their bank, and trained the owners and relevant team members on the new systems. With our help, the company was able to stop spending the majority of their time and resources on bookkeeping and actually grow their business.

PPP Loan Case

When the CARES Act offered Paycheck Protection Program loans to small businesses, we helped 23 of our clients receive $2,000,000 in PPP funds. 100% of our clients who applied for funds received them.

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