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Paying your vendors in a timely manner leads to good relationships, as well as accurate financial reports.

At Bookkeeping Unlimited, we know that no what matter what size your business is, paying bills will always be part of it. Whether it’s the occasional order to pay for or a fully staffed accounts payable department managing thousands of invoices.  By implementing best business practices you can streamline your accounts payable process and be prepared for future growth. Let our experts manage your payables so that you’re free to focus on growing your business with ease.

Caring for Vendors

What is Accounts Payable?

Accounts Payable is the name for all of the bills your company owes. This part of your bookkeeping is very important for managing payments to your vendors as well as your cash flow. Properly managing the money your company is spending is crucial to making sure you have enough cash on hand so your business can function properly.

Accounts Payable is considered a short-term liability on your company’s balance sheet since most of the bills you receive are normally paid within 30 days. Accounts payable can include debts that are supposed to be paid within a year. Debts that aren’t typically included in traditional accounts payable fall outside this timeline, such as long-term debts.

Your accounts payable are typically divided into categories such as notes payable, wages payable, interest payable, and bonds payable. Keeping good records of these accounts is a time-consuming but very necessary job. While accounts payable software can streamline the process and save businesses more than 60 hours of work each month, it requires more than simple data entry. It requires an accounts payable specialist, such as our Bill.com certified experts.

Accounts payable outsourcing is an affordable solution that saves small businesses the time and money of doing their accounts payable themselves. At Bookkeeping Unlimited, our experts will help you determine what your accounts payable needs are, what automation tools will work best for your company, and make sure your accounts payable needs are handled on time.

What are the Advantages to Outsourcing Accounts Payable?

Making sure your accounts payable are up to date can be very time-consuming even if you’re able to hire someone who is experienced in managing accounts payable. Outsourcing your accounts payable is often the best solution for a small business. 

Typically, these are the tasks required to properly manage your accounts payable:

  • Verifying entries in your bookkeeping system and comparing system reports to balances
  • Keeping track of spending and payments, including payroll, bills, statements, purchase orders, and more.
  • Verifying expense reports and payroll to accurately prepare paychecks for employees.
  • Maintaining accurate records of all accounts payable.
  • Paying vendors and making sure payment is received. This also includes creating payment schedules for vendors and responding to vendor inquiries. Another important part of paying vendors is obtaining vendor discounts and avoiding penalties or interest for late payments.
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for internal reviews
  • Analyzing cash flow and finding ways to improve payment processes, including optimizing the management of your working capital.

At Bookkeeping Unlimited, we believe properly managed accounts payable and accounts receivable are a goldmine for business owners. Unlike outsourced bookkeeping software or other bookkeeping solutions, our team of bookkeeping experts is dedicated to the financial health of your business. That includes conducting quarterly and annual reviews of your books and providing you with reports to help you make informed decisions about your business’ cash flow. 

Why Every Company Needs to Build Internal Controls  & Compliance into Your Accounts Payable System.

We work with you to develop internal controls within your accounts payable system so that not only are your assets safe, you aren’t disrupted because of a duplicate payment, an incorrect bill, fraudulent charges, and other bookkeeping matters. Internal controls are rules and processes we set up with you so that we are given certain, specific permissions and authorities to protect your assets and liabilities. Part of setting up internal controls is determining how and when you’d be notified if an internal control process has to be implemented. 

Effective internal control processes for accounts payable includes making sure your accounts payable system is always in compliance. Compliance for accounts payable is borne out by good, effective internal controls and a company-wide, top-down culture of integrity, honesty, and ethics. 

When we help you set up your internal controls and processes for your accounts payable system, we’ll help you separate duties, choose tools that will help you monitor systems access, and create workflows that help you delegate specific authorities to your team based on your company’s needs. In addition, we’ll review your vendors and suppliers to ensure there are no financial or compliance risks, to avoid potential fraud or payment errors, and to make certain there are no regulatory or tax compliance issues. 

We make sure compliance is woven into every part of your accounts payable system. Great internal controls processes and great compliance save you time, save you money, prevent fraud, and protect your assets. 

Ultimately, the goal of a well-managed accounts payable system is to give you greater clarity and understanding of your cash flow in order for you to have more control over what your business is spending money on and why. It enables you to focus on the financial health of your business instead of struggling to find time to do your accounts payable in your busy schedule. 

Gain Control Over Your Cash Flow Today. Outsource Your Accounts Payable to Bookkeeping Unlimited.

Whether you’re trying to maximize your cash flow, get better insight into your financials, trust your team, make sure your records are accurate, or simply gain more time every week, outsourcing your accounts payable to our team of specialists will help your business grow and succeed. 

When you sign up for our obligation-free bookkeeping consultation, we will review your books and current accounts payable processes to determine what solutions are best for you and your company. This consultation, valued at over $500, is being offered at no cost to business owners for a limited time.

Once we’ve conducted a thorough review of your financials and created a custom digital solution for your business, we review everything during a one-hour Zoom consultation. 

Get the tools and expertise you need to save money, spend more time growing your business, and improve your bottom line. Sign up for a FREE consultation today to get bookkeeping that works for you.

  • Reduce the number of check runs; two per month at most is plenty.
  • When the accounting staff prepares check runs, they should have the invoice backup ready and invoices approved by the appropriate department heads before coming to you for signatures.
  • Make Accounts Payable aware of any cash disbursement ceilings for each check run so they can then select the most important invoices to pay.
  • Empower your staff with decisions that will make your life easier and are not dangerous for them to make. The decision to make partial payments on larger balances, or delaying payments to vendors who have a higher tolerance on due dates are a couple of examples.
  • Analyze and reduce errors such as paying incorrect amounts, incorrectly entering check numbers used to pay vendors, and paying too early or too late.
  • Make sure your accounts payable module is set up correctly so that transactions flow properly. You may need to use a consultant to make sure your accounting software and accounts payable module are correctly configured, or you could cause more problems than you solve.
  • Have Accounts Payable staff enter terms for each vendor in which the system can default to, such as Net 30, Net 60, etc. Terms are often provided by the vendor, and are usually printed on the face of their invoice.
  • Run aging reports so you know what is in the pipeline.  You may have a small check run this period, but could have a large one coming up that you didn’t know about until looking at these reports.
  • Use laser printed checks, which will update the system automatically, marking which invoices have been paid and with what check numbers.
  • Anywhere cash/checks are handled (incoming or outgoing) can be a high-risk area for company fraud.
  • In Accounts Payable, this is often accomplished by setting up a “dummy vendor”.  Often times, this vendor is a company owned by a dishonest employee. Invoices for services never provided are created, and your business pays these invoices, essentially paying the employee.
  • Implement policies & procedures to mitigate the risk.  In the above example, have system parameters set so that the person cutting checks does not have the ability to set up new vendors. Each new vendor that is set up should require explanation to the owner prior to creating them.
  • Separation of duties, proper approval by department heads, and spot checks will help reduce the risk of fraud.
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Scheduled Vendor Payments

Vendor bills are sent on a schedule that we agree on and checks are written and sent back to you for signature, mailing and filing.

Invoice Coding

Coding of the invoices is important for getting good reports, for example job cost and cash flow.

Prevent Fraud

Accounts payable is one of the areas most prone to business fraud. The sheer amount of money exiting a business through accounts payable makes it an attractive process for fraudsters to target.


When it comes to accounts payable, the most important thing is to pay only company invoices that are legitimate and accurate.
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Tracy DeFatta is absolutely trustworthy and reliable. Bookkeeping Unlimited truly delivers.

Andrew Sher, Founder of the Sher Law Firm


Tracy is always on top of deadlines for any required projects, but especially for all of the various required tax filings for my companies. I would highly recommend Tracy and her company to anyone who needs not only a bookkeeper, but a trusted financial partner!

Andrew Pikoff, J.D., The Pikoff Team


I’ve changed CPAs quite a few times during the years I have been in business, but I have stuck with Bookkeeping Unlimited for the high level of service. The staff is so friendly and I often have last minute emergencies they are always willing to handle. Besides the fact that every CPA I have used loves them, they have been available to help me with other business issues I could not have handled myself. Whether it be with a government audit, unemployment insurance issues or just some simple advice, they are always available to help.

Lizzie Oretsky, Fundamentally Music, Inc.


Why I have continued to trust with intimate business details and work with Tracy DeFatta, Bookkeeping Unlimited, now going on 14 years…

…she is consistent with her work production.

…she maintains her schedule regularly and has been flexible when I have needed to re-schedule.

…she is straight and to the point and doesn’t waste time.

…when she has made an error, she is prompt to admit, explain and correct.

…she will take the time to listen and make suggestions beyond the typical scope of the engagement.”

Walter Katz, The K Corporation


They save me at least 10 hours a week not having to worry about preparing checks and accounting for vendor invoices and client settlements.

Todd Riff, Riff Law Firm


Bookkeeping Unlimited is ‘big city smart’ and ‘small town friendly.’ They have been such an asset to my small business.

Lizzie Oretsky, Fundamentally Music, Inc.


Bookkeeping Unlimited handled my PPP application and forgiveness paperwork and saved me from hours of paperwork and having to pay a high hourly rate to my CPA. You won’t find a bookkeeping team with more reasonable fees than this one. Over the years, Bookkeeping Unlimited has been essential in helping me grow my business.

Lizzie Oretsky, Fundamentally Music, Inc.

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