Lizzie DeFatta

Lizzie DeFatta is one of Bookkeeping Unlimited’s experienced bookkeepers. She is dedicated to providing clients with world-class bookkeeping.

Lizzie DeFatta

Lizzie has worked as a bookkeeper for Bookkeeping Unlimited since 2016. As part of her job handling your books, she reconciles accounts, writes checks, and supplies financial reports among other tasks. She started helping her mom file papers when she was little, and has watched Tracy consistently grow Bookkeeping Unlimited year after year. 

Growing up, she remembers her mom telling clients, “We handle the numbers so you can take care of your business.” Lizzie has seen her mom put those words into action and has witnessed the results. She’s seen how Bookkeeping Unlimited’s mission to provide our clients with unmatched customer service, unparalleled bookkeeping experience, and unlimited business insights really can turbocharge our clients’ success.

Lizzie has graduated from helping her mom file papers to studying business herself. She already has her Associate’s degree in Business and is expected to complete her Bachelor’s in Business in the summer of 2021. She enjoys learning new skills and staying open-minded, two very important traits that help her every day. 

When she’s not applying her knowledge and skills at work, she’s putting her organizational skills and patience to work on handmade quilts or crocheted blankets. Taught these crafts by her grandmother and great grandmother, she’s refined her skills over the years. Recently completing a Texas flag quilt, Lizzie knows the work involved in taking a project from conception to completion. 

You can find Lizzie supporting LSU or the Cowboys on game day. Any other day, chances are high she’s enjoying an episode of Friends, which is guaranteed to put her in a good mood and make her laugh. She’s even been known to compete in a few Friends-themed trivia competitions and has thoughts about whether or not Ross and Rachel were on a break. 

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Our mission at Bookkeeping Unlimited is to help small businesses succeed using our cutting-edge, virtual bookkeeping solutions and small business executive coaching program. We provide our clients with unmatched customer service, unparalleled bookkeeping experience, and unlimited business insights proven to turbocharge their success.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards. One of the most common reasons clients stay with us for over two decades is that they trust us. It can be difficult for a company founder and entrepreneur to let go of a piece of their business, but when they make that decision and trust us with their bookkeeping, they gain greater clarity and insights than they had previously experienced.

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