Bookkeeping Is Our Super Power!

What Makes Bookkeeping Unlimited Unique?

Bookkeeping is our super power. We believe bookkeeping doesn’t have to be boring and do our very best to “save the day” by making your life easier! Here are some things we believe make us cooler than your average bookkeeper:

Serving small businesses for over 20 years

Each member of our team is trusted and experienced to handle any situation and always provide the highest level of service. These days, running a bookkeeping company is about more than staying on top of your books. We also bring unique personalities, exciting energy and unmatched dedication. There is also a major educational component to what we do because we are so passionate about helping others businesses succeed financially. Our testimonials speak for themselves- be sure to check them out!

We focus on small businesses.

To us, bigger is not better. We chose to focus on smaller shops with a ton of potential. Each client we work with is unique and we both end up becoming an extension of each others team. By fostering local economies, we find it creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs such as ourselves and creates a sense of community. From new business set ups to small business coaching, we can’t wait to work with your small business!

We take care of the “little things”.

The little things make a big difference. It is easy to to think that uploading an invoice to QuickBooks or reviewing that report is something you can do later, which technically, it is. But preparing checks for your employees to ensure they are ready on payday is not. When all items are processed in a timely manner and done without error, it creates more time and energy you could be putting towards other areas of your business.

We are proactive, not reactive.

Just because you don’t need something right now, doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Being proactive in what our client’s need are paramount to all of our success. We take the few extra steps ahead of time to include certain information you may not need right this second, but you will need come year end or before your next board meeting. By planning ahead you save time later, so you don’t have to backtrack or scramble when you are missing important items.

We put our (you fill in the blank) hat on for every client.

Within each profession and industry, we learn to think like the specific business we are working with. Some of our ideal clients are Interior Designers, Attorneys, and Hair Salons. We educate ourselves on the ins and outs of each of them in order to be symbiotic in how we handle each financial scenario. At the end of the day, we are all teaching each other important skills, constantly growing and learning together.

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